First blog post

Apparently I have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I’m 33, how did this happen? I’m 33, I’ve been trying NOT to get cancer, how did this happen? I’m 33!!!! So I basically blame Monsanto. It’s probably their fault right? Did I mention I’m only 33?

We found a mass in my mediastinum, incidentally, via chest x-Ray and then not incidentally via CT and MRI and finally PET scan. It’s basically a tumor of lymph nodes. It is 11+ centimeters wide, behind my breastbone and in front of my heart. It does not hurt. I have no other symptoms. My blood work is normal. I feel good. I do have some shortness of breath with extreme exertion…didn’t bother me much as I’m not really interested in extreme exertion! I’m more a moderate exertion kinda gal.


So anyhow, that’s basically what I know. I have Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I will need about 6 months of bi-monthly chemotherapy. I might need radiation after chemo. I will lose my hair. Probably frighten some small children in my life!

It’s been a month since we learned about the mass in my chest. My fucking tumor. Now that the diagnostics are finished, I feel much less stressed. And let’s say, just hypothetically, that this is a year long journey for us; the first month is over already! We made it through the beginning! I rock! You rock! We ROCK! I have felt so supported by my friends and family. Dan has been there by my side with everything I need. I cannot fathom how much harder this would be without him. My mom has said from the beginning, anything I need, if it’s in her power she’ll make sure it happens. Gifts from sweet sisters, hugs and love and food from so many, prayers from the believers and love from the rest. I have been lifted by these kind words and messages during this time when I really didn’t feel strong or badass at all. It’s starting to sink in, that I can have cancer, treat cancer, and be myself at the same time. That I am strong and badass and tuff!

So I will write a little blog. I will do my best and forget the rest. I will enjoy the next 6 months for what they are, another beautiful challenge I get to try my hand at in this crazy life.

Much love to you and yours


6 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. You’re amazing Kelly! I’m so proud of you !! All the love and support in the world !!

    Chris and Niki


  2. I am stoked you started a blog! And it’s such a heartfelt inspiring one at that!! ❤️

    Thank you for sharing this life changing journey with all of us! I am so glad you have so much love and support behind you to help you beat this!!


  3. Don’t forget – it’s ok to not be a badass all the time. Feeling mad, sad, depressed, scared, or just plain pissed off is allowed, too.


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